Frederic Vasseur denies rumors about his Ferrari

©Getty Images

Frederic Vasseur’s words

Frederic Vasseur spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports Uk about the start of his new adventure, “Many people told me that Ferrari would be difficult to manage internally, and this is not entirely true.”

“The atmosphere and cooperation within the team is good, but we have more pressure from outside. These kinds of comments can affect the morale of the team, which can be affected by rumors that have nothing to do with reality. But it will be my job to deal with this aspect.”

Ferrari was founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari, in Maranello, in the province of Modena. It is involved in the Formula One world championship, where it holds the record for the number of world Constructors’ titles won (16), and in the FIA Sport Prototypes and Endurance world championships. The official symbol is that of the prancing horse on a yellow background, the color representing the city of Modena.

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