Valentino Rossi, dinner with Lazza and Alessandro Borghi goes viral

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A photo of former MotoGp centaur Valentino Rossi with actor Alessandro Borghi and three Italian rappers is blowing up on social media

A photo of Valentino Rossi at dinner with actor Alessandro Borghi and the three rappers Lazza, Marracash and Salmo has gone viral on social media. It was Lazza who posted the photo first, then the image was re-posted by Alessandro Borghi.

Borghi himself explained the situation to Radio Deejay: the evening was organized for a private screening of the film “Delta,” which comes out Thursday in theaters. “I have a soft spot for sportsmen, they give me a strange feeling. Yesterday I had to restrain myself from being a Valentino fan boy. I have memories related to me and my father on the couch. He did 26 Moto World Championships, we’re talking about a legend. It was very nice.”

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