Andrea Pirlo crowns a Napoli star

©Getty Images

The former Juventus coach also greatly appreciates Locatelli

Through the columns of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Pirlo spoke about Italian soccer and, of course, about Napoli’s lead: “A wonderful ride. The game is spectacular, they make even difficult things easy. Credit to Spalletti, of course. But also the club’s policy of rejuvenating the squad. Others should do it too by giving more space to young people and Italians, given the boom of foreigners.”

The current coach of Turkey’s Karagumruk has a soft spot for a Napoli star: “With Osimhen and Kvara, Lobotka, the best director in the tournament, is also moving as a star.” There is also room for a Bianconero: “Who the best of the Italian directors? Locatelli is growing. The biggest jump, however, was made by Fagioli, who made his debut with me.”

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