Varese basketball, Gianni Petrucci also intervenes after the mauling

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Gianni Petrucci spoke.

After the bludgeoning inflicted on Varese Basketball (16 penalty points), the president of the Italian Basketball Federation Gianni Petrucci also intervened, saying the following in statements released to TuttoSport: “I am always sorry when a club is hit. The reasons for the ruling have been published, we will see the appeals. As a sportsman, I would be the first to be happy if Varese presents evidence such as to determine another resolution. On Eurobasket I cannot go into the merits.”

“Whenever a club has trouble, changes are demanded. We have been working with Legabasket on structuring the obligations that clubs have to comply with. Unfortunately, these things, like club failures, also happen outside of sports,” Petrucci continued.

“The reform of the leagues and the abolition of the obligation to have Under was wanted by the basketball world. And expert coaches, like Trainotti, must decide on these issues. Then much is about to change, the sports labor law will come into effect. I repeat, it is sacrosanct, but we have also asked in writing for clarification on implementation without getting a response. We live in a moment of confusion, between Coni and Sport and Health we are in limbo in the presence of duplication. In the past there was a referral organization. Now nothing is known, we are waiting for the Decree, which is delayed. I do not want to blame Abodi, an experienced professional, serious, I have known him all my life. But clarity is necessary,” concluded the FIP president.

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