Max Verstappen unlucky behind Sergio Perez

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The words of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen hotly analyzed what happened in Baku: “I had bad luck with the Safety Car, then I pushed to try to stay close to Checo and to get into the DRS zone. However, the tires were overheating and I was trying to follow Checo. Even with the balance I was struggling to stay even. I played a little bit with the tools I had and eventually found a solution that was better, but it was too late.”

“There are many things to learn from this race, in the end it’s a good result for the team. Tension? The season is long, there are still many things to learn. Baku is very different from Miami, which in turn will be different from other tracks. You have to keep learning. You can’t be perfect, there are days when you have to learn. I brushed against the walls on a few laps, but that’s what happens on city tracks.”

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