Gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock changes life and chooses WWE

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Gold at Tokyo 2020 in wrestling will try to become a WWE star

Now it’s official. Tamyra Mensah-Stock, Olympic gold medalist in Tokyo 2020 (wrestling, 68 kg) has made it known via social media that she has signed a contract with WWE, the world’s top wrestling federation. The Olympic champion, class of 1992, will aim to become a WWE star, emulating other Olympic champions who have shined in WWE in the past such as Kurt Angle or Mark Henry.

“I had something in my head, a dream, I don’t know how long. I wanted to be part of the WWE. I love seeing the athletes in the ring, doing what they do best. I see their personalities shine on TV along with their strength. It reminds me of me, I wanted to be a part of it,” the U.S. athlete’s words to ESPN.

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