Amine Adli, there is a big hurdle for Milan

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Amine Adli, there is a big hurdle for Milan.

With Yacine Adli it cannot be said that Milan has hit the jackpot, but now the Rossoneri club seems to want to go for it with in other Adli (no relation between the two and neither are their origins, Algerian in the case of the meneghini’s Rossoneri, Moroccan instead for the second): Amine.

The Frenchman has carved out great space with Xabi Alonso in the offensive department of Bayer Leverkusen, which has him under contract until 2026. But it is clear that should a concrete proposal come for the 23-year-old then the management of the ‘Aspirins’ would seriously consider it.

Milan has already felt the ground but in Germany there is talk of interest from Bayern Munich for the former Toulouse man. And when the Bavarians move….

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