Pecco Bagnaia, frustration after anger: ‘I’m 70 points short’

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The anger has subsided; however, the deep frustration over the incident remains.

Pecco Bagnaia returns to the contact with Maverick Viñales, talking about it coldly after the crash that forced him to retire after five laps of the French Grand Prix. And a few hours after the shoving in the gravel at Le Mans, comes a more lucid analysis of the incident.

“For the third time in five races we had the pace to play for victory, but we didn’t manage it. And that’s a shame,” Bagnaia stressed at the end of the day. “At that point we were also quite slow, but every time I try to wait something happens. Maybe I should be more instinctive and stop trying to keep calm.”

“I am disappointed, because we proved the fact that we are fast all the time. The fact remains that I am leading the MotoGP standings, even if only by one point. Good thing there are Sprint Races, though, or I would definitely be further back. Now the break will come, and I know that at this point I could have had 70 more points,” Bagnaia points out.

Now the Piedmontese rider is struggling with some aches and pains, but in the meantime he has also forgiven Viñales. “My ankle hurts, but it seems there is nothing broken. I have a sprain, but for Mugello we are calm. It was a race accident, an unfortunate circumstance. I think it could have been avoided, he could have been more careful and I could have closed the throttle to avoid it. But we didn’t, and what happened happened,” Bagnaia concluded.

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