Paolo Maldini vents: ‘With Inter there is no match, we need to invest’

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Paolo Maldini vents: ‘With Inter there is no match, you have to invest’

AC Milan technical director Paolo Maldini after the defeat against Inter sent a clear message to the U.S. ownership: “We need to invest in order to compete with the big ones.”

“The semifinal was unexpected,” Maldini continued, “no one at the beginning of the year had predicted something like this, then it is clear that the defeat stings. Between us and Inter there was no match, we were not able to take countermeasures.”

Now head to the championship, Milan must finish fourth or they will not be in the Champions League next year: “If we were to qualify for the next Champions League I would give this Milan team an 8, we have to believe in it.”

“We are not yet structured to compete in the two competitions. Our owners know this very well, it is a path that has brought great economic and sporting results. That’s how it is today, between us and Inter there are three years of different average age. We have players with their first experiences at this level.”

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