Brescia, Alessandro Magro sends a message to the president

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Brescia, Alessandro Magro bluntly on the future: “If we liked each other let’s move on, otherwise let’s talk about it”

During an interview given to the microphones of “Bresciacanestro,” Germani Brescia coach Alessandro Magro was blunt about his future. “With the president we have already spoken. I told him I’m here and I’m waiting to hear from him, he told me he would call me. We will have to meet soon to confront each other and decide what to do,” Germani’s head coach began.

“If I have to take stock of these two years as Brescia coach, I emphasize that in the first year we broke so many records and in the second we brought home a trophy like the Coppa Italia. I feel bad about the negative end of the season, but I am confident that we can finish the three-year project in the best possible way by qualifying for the playoffs next year. This was supposed to be a progressive growth project, but the performance of the boys has allowed things to accelerate. If we liked each other, it is right to move forward together, otherwise let’s talk about it without any problems,” Alessandro Magro concluded.

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