MotoGp, Paolo Simoncelli defends Marc Marquez

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Paolo Simoncelli defends Marc Marquez

Paolo Simoncelli, from his active blog on the Sic58 Squadra Corse website, returned to the last MotoGp weekend and the incidents that characterized it, taking up among other things the topic related to criticism of Marc Marquez.

“What if it had been Marquez there in the middle on Sunday,” the mustachioed manager asked rhetorically, speaking about the incidents at the French GP? What if he had been the culprit in any of the crashes or contacts that occurred? Would the chronicle have mitigated them like that? I answer, of course not! They would have burned him at the stake in perfect Joan of Arc style, so to quote a random Frenchwoman.”

Marco’s dad then added: “Granted that what Marquez is accused of today seems to me a story already heard…it seems absurd to me that a boy after forty-five days of convalescence gets on a bike with a frame never tried before, risks taking the pole (snatched from him only by a great Bagnaia) and we…are still here talking about it. Really? He, unlike others, is being accused of over-aggressive overtaking and maneuvers bordering on impropriety, but overtaking, trajectories flush with the kerb, adrenaline and thrills are the essence of motorcycling, without them the sport would not exist.”

“A race like Sunday’s in Motogp hasn’t been seen in a long time, incredible braking, borderline overtaking, you want it or not he emphasized it and made it a Lady race that kept us all glued to the screen and one like that is to be reckoned with. These people are THE spectacle that the motorcycling world needs, in a sporting context where soccer rules the roost. So I ask myself; why don’t we… enjoy the beauty of this sport and let these guys do what only a few in the world can do…!” concluded Paolo Simoncelli.

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