Cantù, Meo Sacchetti doesn’t trust Pistoia

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Meo Sacchetti lists the dangers of the series with Pistoia

Meo Sacchetti, coach of Cantù Basketball, presented to the official channels of the Brianza club the A2 Series Silver Table semifinal series that his team will play against Giorgio Tesi Pistoia.

“We have already faced Pistoia in games that were always hard-fought,” said the former Italbasket technical commissioner. “There is nothing taken for granted in a playoff semifinal, it will be a real game. Dario Hunt? He started to do something with us without contact, let’s wait for the doctors. Logan? He is not a surprise. His role and way of being involves few words and a lot of deeds, he takes a lot of pressure off other players.”

“We need to control their strengths,” Sacchetti further explained. “We took some slaps and I hope they will serve as a lesson, at this point we cannot think of making mistakes, where we don’t arrive with our legs we have to arrive with our heads. They have high-level players like Copeland, who we remember well in Game 2 and we hope to contain him. Wheatle is also very fearsome.”

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