Frederic Vasseur charges Ferrari

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Frederic Vasseur’s words

Frederic Vasseur spoke ahead of the Spanish GP: “One must be calm in commenting. If the car was so difficult to drive, Charles would not have been third in qualifying. But in general it is true that if we are lacking something it is in consistency in the race, during the single lap and even from corner to corner. We need to improve, especially in the race. I think we made progress, although then the Miami race was difficult. Even there, Sainz’s first stint was very good. We have to understand, because it means we are not out of step in terms of potential.”

“The updates are not simply about the potential of the car. We need to make the car work in a better window. The first goal for us is not simply to add load, but to make the single-seater more consistent. We have great room for improvement with the current car in terms of pure performance. As long as I am convinced that we can improve this car, it would be a mistake to completely change the goal during the season. It is not necessarily that it would be faster. I’m not sure it would be the best solution even in the medium term. In the wind tunnel we already have the car for next season. However, trying to introduce a completely different car at this point in the season would be quite critical.”

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