F1: Ferrari anxiety, there is no plan B for this year

©Getty Images

The Spanish GP will be the last call for the Cavallino

At the Monaco GP, Ferrari were, once again, anonymous. The constructors’ standings speak for themselves: the Cavallino is the fourth force in the F1 World Championship, behind Red Bull, Aston Martin and Mercedes. The latest ace up the Rossa’s sleeve are the upgrades, initially planned for the Emilia Romagna GP (later cancelled) and now ready for the Spanish GP, scheduled for the weekend.

Revised dashboard, bottom and rear suspension to make the SF-23 more performance oriented in the race. The last attempt to avoid having to spend a season as mere spectators. As Vasseur himself said, “There would not be a B car also because it would be ready in October, we just have to push on this one because, in constancy of regulations, any development that works can be transferred to 2024.” In short, no plan B. It all comes down to updates in Barcelona. Leclerc and Sainz are crossing their fingers, as are the entire Cavallino people.

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