Massimiliano Allegri-Juventus, in the Bianconeri household there is one certainty

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Allegri-Juventus, decisive days

These are important days at home for a Juventus team that has come back from a tribulated year, not only on the field, and that cannot be considered completely over: the Bianconeri, for example, still do not know if they will participate in the next Conference League. Also holding the bench is the situation of Massimiliano Allegri, the coach who is linked to the Piedmontese club for two more seasons and who does not seem willing to consider a termination, even if with a substantial severance package.

There is one certainty at Juventus: there is no intention to pay another coach, complete with staff, when there is already one on the payroll, so other profiles will be considered only in the event of an immediate farewell to Allegri.

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