Lionel Messi, the announcement: “I’m going to Inter Miami, Barcelona? Impossible.”

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No return to Spain or adventures in Saudi Arabia: Lionel Messi is starting over in the US.

Lionel Messi next season will play for Inter Miami, thus leaving Europe to move to the American MLS. This was confirmed by himself in an interview granted to ‘Mundo Deportivo’ and ‘Sport,’ in which he recounted the difficulties of his last stint at PSG and the regrets in not being able to return to wear the Barcelona jersey.

“I wanted to, but it was not possible. So I also chose for my family to leave Europe,” Messi explained about Inter Miami’s decision as his next team. The idea of returning to Barcelona excited me, but it was not possible. The club would have to give up other players and lower the salaries of others, and I did not want to relive the situation of two years ago.”

“Too many untrue things have already been said about my relationship with Barcelona. So I made this decision to live with more peace of mind, also for my family. I won the World Cup, but I come from two bad years. I want to go back to having fun,” Messi added about his farewell to PSG.

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