UFC, disastrous defeat for Marvin Vettori in Las Vegas

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The blue champion’s delicate moment continues

Vettori fought for the world heavyweight title in UFC on June 12, 2021. A match he lost to Adseanya. Since that defeat, the Azure has not fully recovered, as certified by his defeat, on the night, in the UFC main event in Las Vegas against Cannonier.

The 29-year-old Vettori started clearly favored in the bout against the 39-year-old former U.S. mechanic Cannonier but, in fact, the challenger literally dominated, never giving Vettori a single chance to be able to win the bout. As many as 241 significant strikes were landed by Cannonier, thus setting a new record for the category. The victory for Cannonier was by unanimous decision (49-45, 49-45 and 48-46 were the judges’ final verdicts) with Vettori still finishing the bout on his feet, despite Cannonier’s treatment of him.

For Vettori, a decidedly bad moment. Since losing the world championship match to Adseanya, he has won only twice, losing as many matches.

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