Brazil: Lula immediately torpedoes Carlo Ancelotti

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Brazil: Lula immediately torpedoes Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival on the Brazilian national team’s bench is still a year away, but the coach from Reggiolo must immediately reckon with a cold reception from President Lula, who in an interview with SBT improvised himself as a soccer expert.

“I like Ancelotti but he has never been Italy’s coach. Why doesn’t he solve the problems of Italy, which did not participate in the last World Cup? It is very easy to lead a team in Europe with eleven strong players.”

On the other hand, the head of state sponsored Fernando Diniz, the current Fluminense coach who will manage the Greenoros until the Emilian coach lands: “I am a fan of Diniz, he has personality, creativity, and he is the one in charge in the locker room. It is easy to lead a team with eleven tops, the difficult thing is to come here and lead Corinthians. I would like to see if Ancelotti would do well with Corinthians.”

Ancelotti will become Brazil’s first foreign coach in 60 years.

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