Juventus, farewell to Superleague: club’s note

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Juventus, farewell to the Superleague

In a note published on its official channels on Thursday evening, Juventus officially announced that it had initiated the procedure to exit the Superleague, the European football competition presented at the project level by several European clubs (including, precisely, Juve) in April 2021, and which had met with firm opposition, over all, from the European confederation, UEFA, and the world confederation, FIFA.

“Following up on the press release of June 6, 2023,” the club began, “with which Juventus had made it known that it had begun a period of discussions with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (clubs that until then had not announced their intention to leave the Super League Project) with regard to Juventus’ prospective decision to leave the Super League Project, the following is hereby announced. As a result of these discussions, and taking into account certain differences on the interpretation of the agreements applicable to the Super Lega Project, Juventus confirms that it has initiated the procedure to exit the aforementioned Project, while recalling that, pursuant to the applicable contractual provisions, the prior consent of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and the other clubs involved in the Super Lega Project is required for the withdrawal to take effect.”

At present, there are no further details or confirmation of the possible introduction of the tournament into the international calendar. Juventus was the only club remaining tied to the project, after Inter and Milan (the other two clubs whose names appeared in the April 2021 announcement) narrowly decided to exit.

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