Carlos Alcaraz new king of Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic loses throne after 5 years

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Carlos Alcaraz new king of Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic loses throne after 5 years

Carlos Alcaraz writes Wimbledon history: the Spanish tennis player beat Novak Djokovic at the end of an epic final, ending the long reign of the Serbian tennis player, who was undefeated at the Championships since 2018.

The Murcia outfielder, who confirms himself as world number one, tamed Djokovic at the end of an incredible match, which ended in the fifth set with the score of 1-6, 7-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-4: This is his second career Slam after the 2022 Us Open.

Disappointed and frustrated Nole, who thus sees his Grand Slam dream vanish as well as his 24th Slam title. And also Roger Federer’s record of 8 Wimbledons won (at least for this year). On the Central he had not lost in 10 years.

Nightmarish first set for Alcaraz, Djokovic starts strong and breaches him twice, shaking the certainties on the Spaniard’s serve, very tense and foul. Nole plays on velvet and closes the first set 6-1.

Alcaraz finally enters the court in the second set and it’s a different match: the partial, very balanced and lasting over an hour and a half, is resolved only at the tie-break where the Murcia champion manages to get the better of it 8-6, evening the score. Many errors by Nole, who surprisingly squanders a set point.

Psychological backlash in the third set for Djokovic, the Central is lined up for a good part with Alcaraz finding the immediate break and then repeating in the fifth game, which lasted over half an hour. 6-1 for the Spaniard and 2-1 in the total set count.

Djokovic, like the champion he is, rears his head again in the fourth set and the match changes its inertia again: the Serb gets the break in the fifth game, makes no more mistakes and imposes himself 6-3 shaking again the certainties of Alcaraz.

New reversal in the fifth set: the inertia seems to be on Djokovic’s side, at least until 1-1, when Nole squanders a very tempting break point with a resounding wrong smash. The Serbian tennis player rages and smashes his racket against the post, then immediately suffers break in the next game.

The momentum thus turns again, and it is the final break: Alcaraz keeps the serve and wins his historic first career Wimbledon by taming the greatest of opponents.

Highlights from Wimbledon 2023.

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