Lorenzo Leonarduzzi reacts: “I want to safeguard my dignity.”

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Lorenzo Leonarduzzi reacts

“Now I am forced to leave Japan, but as soon as I arrive in Italy I am going to my lawyers and I intend to react to safeguard my dignity. Not against the company, which understands well that it is a stolen off-air, but against those who accuse me”: Lorenzo Leonarduzzi, recalled from Japan by Rai, reacts with some statements reported by QN.

“I distance myself in the strongest and most absolute way from what is being contested, because it was not a telecast. The microphone was left open to know when we could go back on the air and the headset was resting on the table, but I had had indications that the news was on the air and we were not scheduled to go live on Rai Play 2,” the journalist adds.

“We started chatting with our colleague when we thought we were not on the air,” Leonarduzzi concludes. “There was no body shaming intent on our part. When I say that the Dutch athlete has a big physique, I don’t mean to denigrate her. I say this because the Chinese are short and slender and this can affect the dive. By the way, the athlete Giulia Vittorioso is also a relative of mine, I would never allow myself to do body shaming.”

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