Raoul Bellanova ready for anything for Torino

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The words of Raoul Bellanova

Torino’s new signing Raoul Bellanova spoke at the presentation press conference, “There is a good group. I thank the club, everyone has welcomed me as one of them. I go to the camp as if I had been here for one or two years. On a physical level it’s trying with coach Juric, I was coming from a different year but I’m getting the form and I’m looking forward to finding the form.”

“Juric wants us to have fun, and to play forward all the time: he wants us outfielders to be decisive in trying to score goals,” continued the blue. “I am still young, I have to grow. My strong point is the offensive phase, I am sure I will improve in the scoring and defensive phases: sometimes I am a bit distracted.”

He then explained his choice and said he was ready for anything for Toro: “There were a few teams on me, but I chose Toro because I saw great interest. The coach also called me, so I no longer had any doubts. “Left back? I did it both in Cagliari and at Inter. I prefer to play on the right, where I am better. But if there is a need, I can do everything except goalkeeper (laughs, ed.)”

Finally, he sent a message to the Granata fans: “I have some feelings, we are ambitious but we have to have our feet on the ground. Facts count: we may say we want Champions League, but then the field speaks. We have to do better than last season, goal is to take as many points as possible in every game.”

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