Benedict Vigna tries to raise Ferrari again

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The words of Benedict Vigna

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna took stock of the situation in a call on the half-year results with financial analysts. “We started the championship with a level of competitiveness that was below our expectations, but in some recent races, such as last weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, we have seen some signs of improvement. Clearly we want to continue to improve and we are working day and night to make our car more competitive.”

“In racing Ferrari is involved in Formula 1, Endurance, competitions like Le Mans and customer racing. These are the areas where we are focused and where we want to remain focused in the future: racing is our heritage and, more than ever, an incentive to innovate further. It is the will to progress that we must always keep alive; it is the legacy of our founder that we must constantly cultivate with confident humility.”

Team principal Frederic Vasseur after Spa had spoken thus to Sky microphones, “Overall I think it’s a good weekend because we had a good pace in every situation, wet, dry, fast lap. From the drivers’ point of view it is so-so because Leclerc had a good pace, from the pole position, good pit stops. For Carlos it was over after one corner, we kept the car on track hoping for a red flag that didn’t come, Piastri from behind was a little too optimistic.”

“It was very difficult to get a clear picture of the race because we hadn’t done simulations, we were all a bit blind because we didn’t know what the tire response would be. However, the pit wall reacted well, now let’s take two weeks off with this weekend in mind. Let’s think about the vacations, then Holland and Monza. The margins are tight, they said Mercedes was flying last week and today we did better. We are not World Champions today and we were not losers when we suffered. We have to fix some details, we have to keep in mind that Verstappen is way ahead.”

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