F1, Max Verstappen is on a rampage: broadsides Mercedes and Vegas

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F1, Max Verstappen è a rampage: broadsides to Mercedes and Las Vegas

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen è returned to harshly attack the Las Vegas Gp-show, also putting in the crosshairs Mercedes, which has defended the organizers to the hilt.

"The manhole cover? The fact that it has already happened at other tracks è true but people are supposed to learn from mistakes. When you go racing on a street circuit you know that things like that can create problems. You should be prepared for these things".

Verstappen at Viaplay took aim at Toto Wolff, who downplayed what happened: "If it was his car, he would have spoken differently. But I don’t expect anything different from him".

Verstappen expressed sympathy with Sainz: "Carlos also said he did not feel his legs for a few seconds, so the accident could have been much worse".

So the final attack on Las Vegas: "The 200 euro refund to spectators? If I received it after such a night, I would probably raze this place".

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