Olimpia Milano, Ettore Messina open-hearted about Nikola Mirotic

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Olimpia Milano, Ettore Messina is outspoken about the arrival of Nikola Mirotic

During an interview with the microphones of “La Repubblica,” Olimpia Milano head coach Ettore Messina was blunt about the new red and white acquisition Nikola Mirotic.

“He matured so much in his year on loan in Palencia, so at 19 he earned the base quintet in a group that already had Llull, Tomic and the Chacho Rodriguez. His arrival is a good thing and a gesture of love from the owner for the club, a signal and a stimulus for everyone, as his arrival allows us to raise the bar,” began the head coach of the red shoes.

“I am not forgetting that I recently lost a player like Gigi Datome. I will also try Nikola at small forward, where he has already played in the NBA and in Barcelona. I don’t think having too many long players will be a problem. We should not forget that several of them will play the World Cup and will have to rest. In any case, if the opponents adjust to our size it will not be bad. We have also added depth and athleticism among the point guards with Flaccadori and Maodo Lo, from whom I expect great things,” added Ettore Messina.

Nikola Mirotic is bound to Olimpia Milano for the next three seasons.

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