Mateo Retegui puts Genoa ahead of the pack

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The words of Mateo Retegui

Genoa’s new striker Mateo Retegui gave an interview to the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ after his first weeks in the Rossoblù. “My paternal great-grandfather was from Genoa, it was destiny for me to arrive here,” he admitted. “I was surprised by the spectacular reception from the fans, I did not expect all this enthusiasm. I thank the managers, who believed in me. I am here to help Genoa. My job is to score, but not only that. Scoring goals for me is great, but I play for the team. The club is in front of everything.”

“I didn’t get to admire him as a player, but as a coach I did. We won with my goal, I still keep a picture taken with Diego that day. It was a very tough game and it allowed us to change the course of our season for the better,” he confessed about Maradona.

He then revealed his favorite center forward: “For me the best number 9 in the world is Karry Kane. And then Haaland, an … ‘animal.’ As a child, on the other hand, I loved Messi.”

With Immobile, there will never be a rivalry in the national team: “Rival? Never. Ciro I see him as a comrade, he treated me very well when I came to the national team. Lazio is something else, we will go there to be protagonists. For now I have not heard from coach Mancini.”

Retegui hopes to be a protagonist at the next European and World Championships with the Azzurri jersey: “Absolutely. I agreed to come to Italy because I knew it would be much better for me in the Azzurri. I want to continue playing in Italy, it’s the best. It’s important to be closer to the national team. The fact that I am playing in Genoa will be a great help.”

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