Trieste basketball, Ariel Filloy doesn’t hide

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Trieste basketball: the words of Ariel Filloy

Ariel Filloy, new acquisition of Pallacanestro Trieste, made his first statements to the official channels of the white-and-red club. “I am very happy to come back and feel the sensations that Trieste gave me when I was here, more than a decade ago now,” he began. “It is a beautiful city, not only aesthetically, but also the people here have an edge. In these years I have kept in touch with Nicola (team manager ed) with whom I talk regularly, but in general I have followed the developments of Pallacanestro Trieste: I have seen its club, its public and the whole basketball environment grow. Going far from home (I now live in Pistoia) is not easy especially since I am about to become a father of a baby, but Trieste manages to give me the peace of mind I am looking for, from all points of view.”

“When I heard about Pallacanestro Trieste’s interest in me, I immediately interfaced with Mike Arcieri, who was really very convincing,” continued the Argentine. “I also had the opportunity to talk a lot with the new ownership, which does not hide the desire to want to grow a lot, and I must admit that the idea of being able to be part of this project, to achieve important results, significantly influenced my choice.

“I am really happy with the team that is being formed; we are now just a few steps away from completing the roster. I know almost all the guys: with Gianca (Ferrero ed) we have faced each other on all the courts of Italy and for the first time we find ourselves wearing the same jersey, it will be a pleasure! I have always shared a lot with him, there has always been a good relationship. With Campo (Luca Campogrande ed.) on the other hand, we know each other really well from our Avellino days, where we lived practically in the same house, we shared the courtyard. Even though he is a few years younger than me we have a really good relationship,” he added about his new teammates.

He also made a great impression on his new coach Christian: “I heard from the coach a few days ago to introduce ourselves and talk a bit. He made a great impression on me, especially the energy and drive he shows in taking on this adventure. He is excited about this opportunity and the mission he has been given. I am sure that he will be able to immerse himself immediately in this new reality, he has a very deep knowledge of basketball and at the same time a great desire to learn. The whole team will help him, as he will help us, showing us new things, a different way of playing than we are used to seeing. He will definitely introduce his philosophy of how to play, of how to manage the week, the workouts. I’m ready to get involved.”

So he didn’t hide about his season goal: “I’m coming back to Trieste with a great wealth of experience and a long career behind me, with everything I’ve learned over the years. We are not hiding, our goal is to win. To do this will require the right peace of mind, to face both the positive moments and the more complex ones. I have been missing from A2 for a few years, but what I see is that it promises to be a really tough championship, with more than one team setting the same goal as us. We will never have to lose our composure and I think my experience in this can help.”

“The arena, the people of this city will be crucial, as they always have been. It’s a combination of things that lead to great seasons. Obviously not just the players, it has to be like a wave, together toward the goal. The energy that PalaTrieste can give is essential to our path. I have really played here many times and as an opponent it often did not go well, now by dressing this jersey I want to make this charge my own,” concluos Filloy.

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