Meo Sacchetti turns psychologist for Treviso

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Meo Sacchetti spurs his

Meo Sacchetti, coach of Carpegna Prosciutto Basket Pesaro, introduced the delicate challenge of the 25th day of Serie A, in which his team will face Nutribullet Treviso at the PalaVerde. 

"During the week we have been practicing with a lot of agonism, as was also the case last week but now all of that has to be put into the game. We have to make up for the attitude we had against Reggio Emilia: in Treviso will not be easy, as for us no game can be. We will have to play with intensityà this is an important and decisive opportunity". 

"Unfortunately, we will not have Totè and so we will pay a little bit’ under the basket but we will try to take advantage of what are our skillsà. We will involve young Fainke, a guy who will give us intensity; we will see how it goes. We won’t have to allow Nutribullet to make easy baskets from underneath, where we don’t get there with physical strength we have to get there with mental strength".

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