Leonardo Bonucci, AIC vs. Juventus

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The words of Umberto Calcagno

AIC president Umberto Calcagno has openly taken sides in the case of the summer: “The situation Leonardo Bonucci is going through is paradoxical: he is objectively off the roster, he is suffering illegitimate conduct forbidden by the collective agreement, his dignity is being trampled on. Juventus must reinstate him immediately, he is suffering serious professional damage.”

“This affair is precluding important opportunities, including the Azzurri jersey, for the national team captain. Bonucci is the tip of the iceberg of numerous situations. Then there are those who, like him, have broad shoulders and go forward with their chests out, and those who suffer.”

Meanwhile, it seemed that Vlahovic was the one destined to pack his bags and, instead, it now appears that the Serbian’s future will still be in bianconero. The exchange with Chelsea (Lukaku in Turin, Vlahovic in London) has now foundered. However, there would be another top Bianconeri player who could pack his bags: Chiesa.

The attacking outfielder would be in the sights of PSG, which, after the sale of Neymar to Saudi Arabia, needs to reinforce and “change skin.” Chiesa would be considered by Luis Enrique as an excellent reinforcement to improve the squad.

At the moment there would be no concrete negotiations but Juventus would still like to know the player’s intentions so they can decide how to act. The Azzurri national has a guaranteed contract with Juventus until June 2025. There is no intention in the Bianconeri house to risk losing him for zero in the near future. Therefore, it is likely that it will be understood whether there are conditions for renewal. If not, a transfer of him would not be impossible. Clearly, much will depend on PSG’s eventual offer. Giuntoli, especially in this period, is very careful to balance the societar accounts.

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