Multiple Slam winner directed on Jannik Sinner: “He’s one of those who can make it.”

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Todd Woodbridge has his say on Jannik Sinner: "He's one of those who make it"

Former Australian grand champion Todd Woodbridge, a great doubles specialist in the 1990s and 2000s with 16 career Slam titles won, was very optimistic about Jannik Sinner&#39s chances at the Us Open in an interview with

For the Australian, Sinner è the third favorite behind Djokovic and Sinner: "To win, he just has to take Novak out of the equation. And he will be able to win. That è my opinion".

"If Casper Ruud can make it to three Grand Slam finals, then so can Jannik Sinner, and if he makes it to the finals he will have a better chance of winning than Ruud".

“I’m sure he thinks about it…. Sinner has a better game, a better forehand, he has great shots. He has these weapons, and I think he’s growing and working to get to a Slam final. So many players get to this point, semifinals, quarterfinals, and then bang, they make it, they get to the finals. And I think he is that kind of player".

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