Paul Pogba, ultimatum from France.

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The words of Didier Deschamps

Didier Deschamps gave a long interview to L'Equipe, starting with Mbappè: "We talked, he is very good. He can unite old and new guard. He is not è selfish, è just ambitious".

"Whether Pogba è still a player for the French national team? Yes, potentially yes. But he comes from such a complicated year, between injuries and extra-sports problems, that he needs to find his compass again. I talk to him, of course, but his recovery has an indefinable time frame: he has to do trainings, then outings, then games, and his body has to resist. I only want Paul on the team if è really Paul. But I think he can come back, he has the mind and the skills; to make it".

Chapter Pavard, one step away from Inter: "He è not fighting for the World Cup, but that doesn&#39t mean he doesn&#39t have our confidence. We have always summoned him. He was simply not in the right psychological and physical condition at the World Cup to meet expectations, it can happen to anyone".

Quotation on Arabia: "Me contacted? They don’t have my number. And even if they did, I am not available".

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