Tuchel warns Pavard and Inter Milan.

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Tuchel warns Pavard and Inter

Benjamin Pavard's transfer from Bayern Munich to Inter Milan is slow to materialize, and in a press conference Bavarians coach Thomas Tuchel explained why'

"Pavard asked me for a transfer but the request è came very late and that surprised me. Benjamin è very important, last year he played more than’80% of the games. We need a replacement who gives guarantees, we have to think about the interests of the club", are the words of the German coach.

Bayern from this point of view è still on the high seas and the market closes in a week: "His desire to leave è one part and then there’è the contractual situation. It has to make sense for the club and there has to be a replacement".

Pavard is in danger of turning into another deal blown at the end of the line: Inter had already reached an agreement to sell him for a total of 32 million euros.

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