What will Deschamps and Domenech have to laugh about? Who knows

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What will they have to laugh about?

It was a special day for French soccer, with the opening of a space dedicated to Michel Hidalgo in Clairefontaine: among those present were the Bleus’ current technical commissioner, Didier Deschamps, and Raymond Domenech, who was on the bench when Italy lifted the World Cup in Berlin.

Fat laughter between the two coaches. Who knows what they were telling each other… While Deschamps enjoys wide esteem in Italy, not least because of his past as a footballer, beyond his achievements, the same cannot be said for Domenech, who has often stirred controversy with unsympathetic statements.

Michel Hidalgo, who passed away in March 2020, è was a great coach: at the helm of the ‘Galletti’ he would have deserved much moreù at the 1982 World Cup and won the 1984 European Championship.


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