Nikola Mirotic heads down to Final Four

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The words of Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport: "For me Messina è one of the best coaches in Europe. I told him: I am very motivated to be part of your team and put it in the spotlight". 

"I have important goals with this team: for me Olimpia has to go to the Final Four. that has to be our goal, our mission, that’s what I came here for. We don’t want to be just a good team, we have to be a great team. We must not hide, we must get used to pressure and only with work can we get to our goal".

In recent days è another new addition, Diego Flaccadori, was also presented: "Basketball è a game of mistakes, the one who makes the least mistakes wins. You have to play trying to make the right choices and not worry if, making mistakes, you have to go back to the bench. It will happen for sure. No player will ever be completely satisfied with what he è that’s why you try to improve. In 2018 I è was sorry not to be able to play in the scudetto final when I was in Trento, but I chose Olimpia also because Ié would like to win and I hope to do it soon. The more time passes, the more you feel this desire. I have already tasted the EuroLeague, maybe in Munich I went too early, but I couldn&#39t wait to get back into this centrifuge. One minute or thirty you always have to give everything, I realize that saying it è one thing and doing it another thing"..

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