Jannik Sinner: Omar Camporese unabashedly tongue-in-cheek

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Jannik Sinner: Omar Camporese unabashedly

Former Italian tennis player Omar Camporese in an interview with La Repubblica spoke out against Jannik Sinner&#39s decision to say no to the national team for the Davis Cup group stage.

"I don't agree with Sinner&#39s choice, I&#39m always for playing for Italy. I must say that però I donò t like this format, once the’atmosphere was a’different thing".

Camporese è also expressed himself on Sinner’s performance at the Us Open: "If Jannik wants to grow more, and of course we are talking about not high levels but more; he has to improve. There are situations he still has to work on. Sometimes he necessarily wants to go over the limit, and he exceeds, and makes trivial mistakes, è it just happened against Zverev". 

"Pulling hard all the time is not è the best way, it is not è obligatory to go over the limit every time, è it is also a matter of the head, Djokovic proves it to you", explained the former Blue.

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