An important Saturday for blue volleyball

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An important Saturday for blue volleyball

It will be a very important Saturday for the blue volleyball teams. South Korea the first opponent of the women's Italy in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament scheduled in Poland from tomorrow to Sept. 24, while in Rome the men's Italy will face Poland at the PalaEur in Rome in the final of the European Championships

For the Azzurri, it will be the first day of Pool C of the tournament, which will allow the top two finishers in the eight-team group to earn a pass to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. "What we are about to experience è a tough and important moment – the words of coach Davide Mazzanti – because we arrive at the appointment of Olympic qualification with a long summer behind us.

“A path that so far has produced a lot of emotions and situations that we will now have to try to channel in a week that will be very important for us starting with the challenge with South Korea – continued Mazzanti -. The VNL è was a good test bench that taught us how to manage three consecutive matches both from the physical point of view and the recovery of mental energy. We will have to treasure this kind of experience also becauseé the stakes will be quite heavy here in Lodz".

Daniele Lavia dà instead, the charge to his teammates who go in the hunt for the’eighth continental title in the history of men’Italvolley, the second  consecutive: "With Poland will be a difficult match, a final, we must interpret it and approach it in the best way. They will have the knife between their teeth because of the precedents, but we are ready and charged and we are sure that the public will make" the difference".

"C'è little to tell about the victory with France,” adds the national team’s setter, “è it was an exciting match from all points of view, tactical, technical and emotional. We had an almost perfect approach. I must say thanks to our public, our real extra weapon. The key to our team è just the group, the sense of belonging to this group, the sense of responsibility in wearing this jersey, è it is nice to take the field with this jersey and experience a group so strong and so bonded. At the end of the game we wanted to hug Russo, who is out of action due to injury, but here with us and è right that the victory is also dedicated to him and then there'è Anza, always in our hearts, seeing him on the sidelines hurts a little bit but è it was nice to find him close to us".

“We will have a hard time sleeping – says the Blue -, a final è always a final but we are charged up. We will face tomorrow’s game as we know how to do. The closeness of our public we feel it, during the anthem yesterday I had chills, seeing the arena è was exciting as it è was in Bari, Ancona, Perugia, Bologna, we must say grace to all, and we invite you to continue to follow us".

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