Marc Marquez, Puig’s backstory: “Not even half a bike…”

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Marc Marquez, Puig’s backstory: "Not even half a bike…"

HRC team manager Alberto Puig in an interview with As told the backstory of Marc Marquez's farewell to Honda: "We tried to get him to stay, the only way to convince a champion è with facts, and we were unable to give him what he wanted".

"We have interesting plans for the future but we didn&#39t get there in time,” Puig continued. “Marc can'fight for the title with half a bike, but Honda didn't even give him half a bike to be able to do that".

" I am sure that with the Ducati, even if from the previous year, he will fight for sure. He will beò happy if Marquez wins again, but I want to beat him, I work for Honda and we have to develop a bike".

The big regret of 2020: "There's been a summation of circumstances, almost all of them negative, that didn&#39t help. If Marc had not had that accident in Jerez, things would have been different".

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