Sofia Goggia closes the deal with Federica Brignone

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Sofia Goggia closes issue with Federica Brignone

Sofia Goggia a few hours before the start of the women’s giant in Soelden to the microphones of Corriere della Sera è said she is ready to start strong immediately: "The skin of a hyena l’ho always. In fact, cougar-like, becauseé the hyena takes advantage, while the cougar attacks. And I will attack ".

The diatribe with Federica Brignone è behind us: "We are women now and not little girls anymore. È right to have mutual respect, without hostilityà and without sterile polemics. Forò between Federica and me, except for some bickering — common thing in a team —, there’è never was anything else".

Just to Brignone, Sofia bestowed a compliment: "The new advance for me è having seen a Brignone who at 33 years old trains like hell and has fun like a youngster".

The relationship with Shiffrin è different from that with Vonn: "Lindsey had a European carat, even as a cultural imprinting. Shiffrin ’I knew her mostly from interviews, which were otherwise beautiful and calibrated. È surrounded by the team, the distance you feel from her è the outlet with which she protects herself".

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