F1, Las Vegas GP: Ross Brawn makes sensational admission

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F1, Las Vegas GP: Ross Brawn makes sensational admission

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, the penultimate round of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship, will be held next week, and both qualifying and the race will take place in the early Italian morning but during the late evening in Nevada: as late as midnight between Friday and Saturday qualifying, and at 10 p.m. on Saturday the race.

What does all this mean? That on the’unprecedented circuit that winds through the streets of the city of entertainment par excellence, at that hour temperatures will drop just above zero, Las Vegas being a desert area where, as everyone should know, there’s a’temperature range of even more than thirty degrees between maximum and minimum temperatures on the same day.

The only ones who did not know this forò, apparently, are the FIA and the heads of Liberty Media, the company to which Formula 1 belongs and of which è general manager and head of the sports project Ross Brawn, former technical director of Benetton and Ferrari and former owner of Brawn GP, born from the ashes of Honda’s F1 team and which after dominating the 2009 World Championship becameò Mercedes.

Brawn at the microphones of “talkSPORT” candidly admitted that none of those who run Formula 1, starting evidently with Liberty Media president Stefano Domenicali, who has not yet made any statements, has thought about the’eventuality of cold weather, which with the temperatures with which drivers and cars are used to racing becomes even a real freezing situation.

But Brawn remains optimistic and turns the tables, hinting that running the cars in that climate, and especially running Pirelli tires, resulting in increased risk for the drivers to boot; on an unfamiliar circuit, will be a great challenge and a great spectacle. Here are his words.

"We have not considered that it is very very cold at night. In the race the temperature may drop down to 3-4 C°. Of course, making the cars work in those conditions will be a challenge. The tire supplier has done a lot of work to make sure the tires are able to cope. We will face new challenges that we have never faced before. But I think it will beà spectacular".

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