Juventus, all bets are on Kalvin Phillips, the “English Pirlo”

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Giuntoli looks for a midfielder to replenish the HCL roster

Juventus, accomplice to the impossibility of being able to count on Pogba and Fagioli for the rest of the season, è looking for a midfielder to replenish the Bianconeri squad in January. The hot name would be Phillips.

The 27-year-old English midfielder is struggling to find space in Guardiola’s Manchester City and would be willing to move to Juventus so he can better play his chances of going to the European Championship with the England shirt. Giuntoli is banking on the dry loan formula for six months starting in January.

Nicknamed Yorkshire Pirlo in his Leeds days, he is a midfielder who can do everything but, above all, has good organizational skills and knows how to get the action going again quickly. A midfielder who can defend and è adept at building the game. He could be very useful to Allegri who, in fact, has been playing with the same midfielders for quite some time.

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