Vincenzo Nibali responds to rumors about his future in Azzurro

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Vincenzo Nibali is not seen on the blue flagship. For now.

Vincenzo Nibali responded, on the sidelines of the 'Giro d'Onore' of the Federciclismo held Friday at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan, to the rumors of recent days that the Shark of the Strait is preparing to get on the flagship of the National team as a technical commissioner.

"At this moment I am not thinking about it, però never say never – he said -. That of c.t. of the National è an important role, it takes capacityà to amalgamate in a short time a team, I believe that Daniele Bennati has managed to build a team of level considering the moment of Italian cycling. He can't do better than that, the blue lineup works well and the guys have a very good fit. We lack a Pogacar-like champion, è true, but it è nobody" fault.

Nibali also denied that the sports director course he is taking is functional for a new role for the 2024 season: "It's only for personal preparation, I am taking this course starting with the basics, for the rest è too early to say: at the moment I am busy with Q36.5, è a long-term project that è started practically this year. I got off the bike in October 2022, the first year after retirement è it was very busy in terms of appointments, I also attend the course just to have a training qualification to put in the drawer".

The Shark of the Strait also responded to a specific question about the moment of Italian cycling: "A little bit of growth there'è been at the youth level, they are some years a little bit soì, we are in a moment a little bit moreù low but just from the low you canò rise again. A new Nibali? I think we need to wait a little longer'".

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