Marcell Jacobs warns Jannik Sinner, “Don’t get distracted…”

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Marcell Jacobs warns Jannik Sinner: "Don’t get distracted…"

Blue athletics legend Marcell Jacobs wanted to send a message to Jannik Sinner after reaching the Atp Finals final and landing among the top four in the world.

"You are the first Italian to have played the final of the ATP Finals and you are very young, you have a long path ahead of you studded with victories,” Jacobs wrote in Gazzetta dello Sport. “I also felt, like you, suddenly invested by a popularity I was not used to. Do not get distracted, do not believe in the limelight and especially social".

"But I see that you are also centered on yourself, on your soul, on your willà. On the team and family that are by your side. If I can give you one piece of advice, which you probably don’t need, never lose sight of the values, the’authenticityà of human relationships, of’friendship. The support of those who love you and those who see in you a model".

"There are no limits to what you can do. We will try to keep the Italian flag flying high everywhere, even at the Paris Games. And we will never give up".

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