Juventus, Cristiano Giuntoli working on Chiesa and Vlahovic renewals: details

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Juventus, Cristiano Giuntoli working on renewals for Chiesa and Vlahovic: details

Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic returned to make an impact in the league in the last match against Inter, the former with an assist and the latter with a goal. Extracampo, Juventus management is reportedly already working to find an agreement for the renewal of the two former Fiorentina players.

According to a report by "Tuttosport", the Bianconeri have already initiated contacts with the agents of the two players. As for the Azzurri outfielder, who will expire in 2025, discussions would already be at an advanced stage and the white smoke could come on the basis of a one-year or two-year extension.

More complicated, however, è is the situation of Dusan Vlahovic, whose salary will increase from 9 to 12 million starting next season. Ds Cristiano Giuntoli, accomplice to the need to reduce costs, would be willing to extend the contract of the Serbian center forward, due to expire in 2026, with a lowered salary. The player, for his part, would be willing to make this sacrifice, however, there would still be distance between the parties regarding duration and formula.

On the future of Chiesa and Vlahovic, much will depend on whether Juventus qualifies for the Champions League, as the revenue guaranteed by access to Europe's top competition could put the renewals of the two former Fiorentina strikers on a downward slope.

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