Olimpia Milan, fans raise their voices

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Olimpia Milan, the words of the fans

After the loss to Partizan, organized Olimpia fans, the Milano Brothers, made their voices heard on Instagram. "The moment è what è, they thought the team had found itself again after wins with Efes, Venice and Red Star but evidently on the court and on the bench there’s still work to be done. Needless to hide that there’è disappointment in the unexpected amount of negative results this season but we think it is equally useless to feel sorry for ourselves and ride early defeatism".

"As already said in the recent past, the sums will be drawn at the end of the season’s journey and we are certain that should the results be lacking the companyà which has always shown how much it cares about Olimpia’s history, will know how to intervene where necessary to try to correct any mistakes but this is not è the time for judgments".

"On Sunday we expect a test of character and pride against our all-time sports rival in a match we all care about. On Sunday we ask the team to give everything and the building to be of help by giving due support to the colors we love. We will stand by the boys with our voices and the same heart that we will ask to see on the parquet", they concluded ahead of the match with Virtus Bologna.

Ettore Messina last night had expressed himself as follows: "&It is ironic that in the land of the great teacher Asa Nikolic we did exactly as he recommended not to do. Professor Nikolic used to say that when you fill the milk pails you should not with a kick spill everything. We have become professionals, masters of this practice".

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