Luca Baraldi reveals the secrets of Virtus Bologna

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The words of Luca Baraldi

In an’interview granted to Luca Muleo in the “Corriere dello Sport”, the CEO of Virtus Segafredo Bologna extolled his club currently at the top of the Italian and d’Euroleague rankings: “The three months of the season have proven that President Zanetti was right. We are not ragamuffins but serious people. We had an idea of a technical project, we thought it was good, and that all it took was someone who believed in it to get results. Soì it is happening, although we have not done anything yet".

The’arrival of coach Luca Banchi è was the turning point: “Both I and d.t. Ronci believed in the goodness of the roster. The idea è was to have a coach at the helm who believed in the value of the team. Banchi was enthusiastic from the technical point of view, even before the economic point of view. Yes, the turning point è was getting him. È a guy who puts his men ahead of everything. And this group è great on a technical level but above all human: Belinelli, Hackett, Shengelia, Pajola, those who were there, have in their DNA a desire to win and attachment to the colors. We knew that by motivating them differently the performances would come. They have infected the new ones. If we remain humble and continue like this, we can take more satisfaction”.

Baraldi also commented on the’s latest acquisition, center Ante Zizic: “È a choice of Banchi and Ronci, when I proposed the operation to the property’I said it was smart and perspective. And then from second in the European standings, after so many sacrifices, è a signal of confidence to the team: we believe in it as they believe in it. This operation has a thousand meanings. It confirms the willà to invest of the president, it confirms our confidence in the values of the team and the staff starting with the coach”.

A comment also on the’other recent purchase, Rihards Lomazs: “Banchi esteems him and wanted him, we trust him and believe he can be fundamental. If you want to win Tour de France and Giro d'Italia you need the first spikes but you also need the domestiques who take you to the top first".

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