Carlos Sainz could have been “another” Max Verstappen: Helmut Marko’s truth

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A career that began in parallel, which then took però divergent directions.

Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen, both sons of art, made their Formula 1 debuts together in 2015 when they were chosen as drivers for Toro Rosso. At the time, both represented a hopeful prospect for Red Bull, whose only Dutchman later became a symbol by going on to become a three-time world champion. Things went differently for the Spaniard now at Ferrari, whose è it was Helmut Marko who summed up the parabola.

They have widely discussed his statements to 'Marca', with Marko saying how Sainz and Verstappen were "almost equals". The historic Red Bull consultant è went forò even further, explaining how things really went. In fact, the Spaniard never made it to the parent company, departing from Renault in 2017 and then moving to McLaren first and then Ferrari.

"Sainz was and è a great driver, and there is no doubt about that,‖ said Helmut Marko. -He just had the bad luck to have Verstappen as a teammate, and in Toro Rosso the atmosphere between the two soon became toxic. The way we were organized at the time, then, I didn&#39t see a way to keep him with us. That is why he è ended up in Renault, and then in McLaren and Ferrari. He then suffered from his father&#39s shadow, long being unfairly considered a spoiled son of a great champion. On the contrary, he always had to fight to get the credit he deserved".

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