Jannik Sinner is already thinking about Novak Djokovic

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The words of Jannik Sinner

Jannik Sinner spoke at a press conference after his debut win at the Australian Open: "&It was good to start, clearly it was not easy. I won in three sets, but it was definitely not an easy match. Van de Zandschulp played well, served well, but somehow I was able to take advantage of his lapses. Now I have two days off, so I have plenty of time to adapt to the conditions and train“, Jannik told a press conference.

"I started very well, then from the second set I made some bad decisions, but these are things that can happen. Today I had a feeling that the match was very important because I couldn’t wait to play. I like to face matches three out of five like in the majors".

On the possible semifinal with Novak Djokovic: "Today è Sunday, there’s still a lot to do, but I will definitely try to get ready for that match, if it happens. I reason match by match. Of course, we all want to play big matches on big stages, so we will see. It will beà an interesting tournament".

Closing remark on future plans: “The Olympics is one of the key moments this year for some players. Also for me, becauseé è the first time I play, so I really want to be surrounded by other athletes, meet them. They are a priority. I don’t know if I will play doubles as well, I’m sure it will be in singles. Then we will see what will beà the best solution".

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