Gigi Riva has died, Cagliari and all of Italy in mourning

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Gigi Riva è died

The world of soccer è is mourning the passing of Gigi Riva, who died at the age of 79. Rombo di Tuono, as he was nicknamed, had been admitted yesterday to the cardiology department of Cagliari's Brotzu Hospital after an illness and unfortunately his condition worsened in the last few hours. A medical bulletin had been issued in the afternoon reporting that "the patient è serene and his general condition is stable", but unfortunately he was unable to recover.

Gigi Riva è was an iconic figure in Italian soccer. Honorary president of Cagliari and known as the "Thunderbolt", he spent much of his career with the Rossoblu club, helping to win the historic Scudetto in the 1969/70 season. Born in Leggiuno, in the province of Varese, Riva linked his playing career and life to Sardinia, becoming a true idol and symbol of the Sardinian people.

In his international career with the Italian national team, he reached extraordinary heights, winning the 1968 European Championship in Rome and becoming vice-world champion in 1970 in Mexico. È still the top scorer in Cagliari’s history, with an impressive total of 164 goals. In addition, with 35 goals in 42 appearances, he holds the record for the most goals scored in the Azzurri shirt.

His importance in the world of soccer è has also been recognized outside the Italian borders: è he was placed 74º in the list of the best footballers of the 20th century compiled by World Soccer magazine. In 2011 è he was honored with induction into the Italian soccer Hall of Fame among the 'veterans'.

After retiring from playing soccer, Gigi Riva continued to live in Cagliari, where he opened a soccer school in his name. He also held several managerial positions, including president of Cagliari for a brief period in the 1980s and later served as accompanying manager and team manager of the Italian national team until 2013.  In 2019 he was named honorary president of Cagliari in recognition of his extraordinary career and contribution to soccer.

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