A new king is born: Jannik Sinner, crazy comeback and triumph at the Australian Open!

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A new king is born: Jannik Sinner, crazy comeback and triumph at the Australian Open!”

Jannik Sinner has made it, è into Italian and world tennis history: the South Tyrolean tennis player beat Daniil Medvedev in an epic final at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena and captured the Australian Open, his first career Slam tournament. L'Azzurro, after paying the strain of his first Slam final losing the first two sets, reeled the Russian back by triumphing in the fifth set with the scores of 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3.

At 22, Sinner thus è consecrated himself among the greats of world tennis, becoming the first Italian tennis player to win a men’s Slam since Adriano Panatta’s 1976 Roland Garros triumph.

The South Tyrolean champion starts very contracted, paralyzed by tension, and suffers greatly both on serve (first serves do not come in) and in response, while the Russian (è at his sixth Slam final) has an easy game and è is very solid at the serve: the first two sets end 6-3, 6-3 for the Muscovite.

Signs of awakening came already in the second set, but it was in the third set that Jannik really got his hopes back: his service game was back on and finally the Azure snatched the first coveted break from Medvedev in the tenth game, winning the third set and reopening the final.

Then in the fourth Sinner, now loose, completes his comeback: the challenge è in balance but once again the Azure places the decisive acceleration in the tenth game, again snatching service from Medvedev and closing 6-4.

In the fifth set Medvedev, back from the marathons of the past few days, è now on his legs. The Russian clung to his serve, his last levee to the exuberance of Sinner, now on the wings of enthusiasm. L'Azzurro found the break in the sixth game flying to a 6-3 set victory and the first career Slam.

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