Marek Hamsik says no to Napoli

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Marek Hamsik says no to Napoli

Marek Hamsik has turned down Napoli's offer to return as a technical assistant to new coach Francesco Calzona. This was explained by the Slovakian himself, who è been a flag bearer for the partenopei, in an interview with his country's Rvts broadcaster.

"È a tempting offer, Naples è my second home and one day I plan to go back. But it è not the right time,” Hamsik says. “Calzona called me when there was a chance, he would have wanted me with him, but I made it clear to both him and the president that I feel I have to stay in my country now. For Francesco è a dream come trueà, è everything was done to please the parties, with the understanding that it was the Slovak Football Federation that had to give its ok".

"I will definitely see De Laurentiis. It was a trip that had already been planned for a long time,” added Hamsik, who will be present at the Champions League showdown with Barcelona, “when there was the draw I told myself that I could not miss a super match like this. It è not a choice related to the coach". The president, meanwhile, in recent days actually opened the doors of the club to him. "Marek è a champion of this team, he has given me a lot of satisfaction giving up Milan and Juventus, è he has been a blue flag".

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